I’m #ala10leftbehind

I’ve been checking the tweets at #ala2010 and #ala10 periodically, only to find I am jealous of attendees. I wish I were there with you all! Some other jealous librarian type started the hashtag #ala10leftbehind. So now I can commiserate with other ALA Conference non-attendees. Some tweets are really quite funny:

goodinthestacks He said, “You buy them?” No, I run them off every morning on my printing press. All 14 newspapers we get. #ala10leftbehind #ala10

antibrarian I think if I read one more tweet about ALA fun, I’m going to burn something. I’m jealous. #ala10leftbehind #ala10

So thanks to all the ALA 2010 Conference non-attendees for brightening my day, and bringing a sense of solidarity to those of us who are #ala10leftbehind!


6 thoughts on “I’m #ala10leftbehind

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  2. Thanks for the mention. When I came up with the #ala10leftbehind hash tag, I never thought it would catch on like it did. It made being left behind more interesting though.

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