MTV’s “Silent Library”

Did you know about the MTV show Silent Library?

It really has very little to do with libraries and more to do with ridiculous reality game show antics (Even though it is probably designed with teenage boys in mind, I did laugh). Basically the gist of the show is this: A team of friends or band mates or whoever sit in the library and randomly undergo a series of small tortures such as drinking a seafood smoothie or having balloons inflated inside your outfit until they pop. Each challenge is given a clever moniker such as “Big Bust” for the balloon in the pants challenge, and the contestants must complete the challenge without the decibels on a sound meter rising into the red zone. The biggest danger seems to be laughing maniacally.

The show relies on the antics of the contestants against the old school “shush” stereotype of the librarian, and the location is in an actual library–I hope this is a creative way for that anonymous library to draw in some extra revenue. This seems to be the extent of the relationship with actual librarianship, though.

You can watch Season 3, Episode 2 with the band All Time Low or other full episodes on MTV’s Silent Library website.


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