The Social Network: Trailer Parodies & The Digital Divide

Web 2.0 is so pervasive it has really hit the mainstream (I know, it is a huge understatement), with movies such as David Fincher’s The Social Network coming soon, and already getting the full Web 2.0 treatment with abundant trailer parodies on YouTube, my favorite being the Twitter Movie Trailer: Rated Awesome from Indy Mogul.*

An interesting question for me regarding the audience of the movie itself and of course that of the parodies by default, is if there is a digital divide built in, and what this might mean. Yesterday, I actually met a charming twenty-something gal, who is not on Facebook, and I was a bit shocked. Tattooed and fashionable, I felt sure she would be totally plugged in. Perhaps she is a neo-luddite. Or perhaps she just doesn’t own a computer. Who knows, but I seriously doubt this movie or the delightful parodies of the trailer will resonate with her. Either way, the divide between the haves and have nots is certainly apparent when thinking about the potential audience of The Social Network.

*Thanks to GeekSugar for showcasing the Twitter and YouTube parodies of The Social Network trailer on the GeekSugar blog.


4 thoughts on “The Social Network: Trailer Parodies & The Digital Divide

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  3. Hi Lis Lady, I find your comment regarding the haves/have nots interesting. Earlier this decade it was predicted that every student would have an ePortfolio by 2010. Certainly technology is prolific enough that this is possible. If everyone can facebook all day, are the have nots consciously avoiding current ‘trends’? Web 2.0 is definitely mainstream. I and others are using it in our schools, and students are already expert social networkers. Imagine the employment competition in 10 years! You can see examples of some web 2.0 tools in action in the classroom at


    • Hi Daniel-

      Thanks for the response. Well, it is 2010 now, and I’m finally getting my e-Portfolio together, so I’ll just slide in before the predicted date. Of course I probably wouldn’t have gotten it done so soon, except that it is required for my thesis project, as part of my MLIS candidacy at San Jose State University’s School of Library and Information Science. I definitely fall into the category of “haves” as far as this goes, as do most of us who are on facebook or twitter all day long (thank you smart phone!). Either, as you say, the prediction is over-ambitious or it is overlooking the existence of the information divide altogether. Which is just as bad or perhaps, worse.

      It is important to acknowledge that the gap between the haves and have-nots is difficult to overcome.


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