Midterm Election 2010: Have You Voted Yet?

Just a friendly reminder to get out the vote today.

Your vote matters.

How will your candidates support libraries, archives, and other cultural heritage institutions?

Beyond current access to information resources including books, music, videos, images, etc., information organizations support learning and information literacy as well as our enduring legacy.

If you haven’t already, get out and vote!


1 thought on “Midterm Election 2010: Have You Voted Yet?

  1. Dear daughter,
    Just read some 5 sections of your eportfolio (wow thanks for the thanks! I’m printing that page to take to your gramother), and clicked on to your blog to make a comment on your superbly recorded “culminating experience”, then I had such a chuckle at your reminder to us to vote (‘course, I did!) that I’m now moved to say: 1. how cute you are in the photos as you’re casting your vote and proudly but exuberantly awaiting the election results, your smile is the million-dollar canary in the catbird seat, thanks for showing it to us and giving us a little still animation in the 3-shot sequence, and 2. but not least, how great great great your learning and skilling have been in these last two years, and, as always, you make me so proud!

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