Lost on UC Berkeley Campus: A Pleasant Surprise

Bridge, U.C. Berkeley Campus

I came down some stairs and found a bridge

On a recent trip to my internship site at the GTU Library, I decided to avoid the steep walk up the hill to Ridge Road in Berkeley, and instead cut through the U.C. Berkeley campus. I decided to take a different path, and fortunately (except for the heat…I am always red faced by the time I arrive at the GTU), found my way to a picturesque pathway, that reminded me a bit of Lithia Park in Ashland, OR, where I spent most of my grade and high school years. It really was beautiful, although the path was a bit out of the way of my destination. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the change of scenery. I must take more time to explore the campus’ footpaths.

Creek on U.C. Berkeley campus

Creek on U.C. Berkeley Campus: A refreshing change of pace

Creek on U.C. Berkeley Campus

Creek on U.C. Berkeley Campus